Saturday, November 19, 2016

Nancy, Christy, anyone else who wants to exchange just one envelope

Nancy and Christy both left comments that they regretted not signing up for the Nov-Dec exchange. Anyone who wants to exchange with me may send an envelope and I will send a reply envelope. I already have yours made, Nancy.

For fun, why don't you address it to my husband instead of me:
George Wilson
420  44th Street
Des Moines, Iowa 50312

I was out of town for 3 weeks and most of the Oct exchange envelopes arrived while I was gone. George really enjoyed the mail even though it was not addressed to him. He was so impressed with one of them that he texted me a photo of it.

And remember, you do not need to have anything on the inside. You may write *empty* on the back. I enjoy enclosures, but the whole point is fun mail - so, empty envelopes are just as much fun.

There are a couple new people in the Nov-Dec exchange. In case you missed that detail about exchanges - that enclosures are optional - please be aware that you do not have to put anything inside. I write *empty* on the back, if it is empty -or- *open* if there is an enclosure.

All of my exchange envelopes are in the mail. Only one of them looks like this one. This is a style I appropriated from Florence and it is addicting.
Onward thru the fog.....

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  1. I'm in. How could I resist that charming Florence-inspired envelope and your offer to exchange with you/George? It may be a while before I get mine in the mail, though.