Thursday, November 17, 2016

Jean's Nov-Dec Exchange Envelopes.

This year, because my calendar is over loaded, I thought I would save time by doing all the exchange envelopes the same. I also thought it would be fun to pull out real nibs and ink - and yes - it was fun - even though I am pretty rusty.

I wrote all of the names and full addresses, so I will not be showing any individual envelopes on the blog. You'll just have to get a general impression of them. I ran out of the teddy bear stamps. So there are four exchangers who will get something different.

I had most of a full sheet and they were one of the unusual stamps that did not have a value printed on them. The nice man at the vintage stamp store told me they were 20-cents. I hope he was correct. I put three on each envelope.

After I did the red lettering and chose the stamps I thought the envelopes needed one more element so I ran over to Jan's and borrowed the coolest rubber stamp and one of her ink pads. And she gave me the stamp because she had two of them. Thank you, Jan.

I noticed that some of the lettering is smearing a little. So, I hope these go through the mail OK. I'll mail them tomorrow. Please let me know if yours does not arrive.

Debbie, Florence, Phillip and Eric - I have not done yours yet. They will be done soon.
Thanks to everyone who participated. I look forward to seeing what arrives in my mail box.


  1. Beautiful! Wish I had time to be on your exchange list!

  2. These are great! I'm already regretting not participating in this end of the year exchange. I just had too much on my plate. Be back in January. To all of you exchangers, Happy Holidays!