Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Uber Favorite - Leaves from Miss Cathy

These have been lined up to appear for quite some time. I was going to include where Miss Cathy found them
But, the note that told me where she found them was hiding.

She says to Google
abecedaires feuilles
or this might work

Sooooo pretty. But then I am a leaf lover. I also think the brown envelope is perfect.

Uber ironic that I am filling the last 28 slots on the 2016 calendar and I am doing it in order. I just noticed that the note from Cathy is dated, Nov 22, 2015. Exactly one year ago. Nee-nee-new-new-nee-nee-new-new. That's the Twilight Zone music.


  1. Love your Twilight music rendition and many thanks for the handsome envelope, it arrived yesterday!

    1. ok, big mamabird - i know i have asked before - but who are you? i promise this time i will write it down in my big book of things i keep forgetting. if you don't want to reveal your identity on the blog, send me an email. thx. the suspense is killing me. [using dimishing pitch]dunt-dunt-dunt(another well known piece of music :-) although i don't even know if pitch is the right term for going from higher to lower.

    2. Haha! I am Carroll Davies! I forgot to sign off like I usually do...