Friday, November 25, 2016

Bonus Post - Thank you from Kristin H

It would be nice to hire a copywriter to do a better job of expressing my delight at receiving this envelope. It is from Kristin H, a fellow Iowan who found the blog and took time to create and send this envelope along with a thank you to me for sharing my ideas on the blog. I know the postmark says South Dakota, but her return address was Iowa. I'm guessing she lives near SD or perhaps she is on a trip.

Remember, I only have a smattering of ideas. Many of them are seriously borrowed from others. I assume Kristin knew I would post this and share her idea with the other blog readers. It's a really fun envelope and I'm sure it will inspire several other blog readers. The map is peeking through a window. The envelope is a recycled window envelope.

I love maps. I always scored in the 99th percentile on map reading in the Iowa Test of Basic Skills. I lived in Minnesota from K through 12th grade (when I was subjected to the testing) and I think we all hated Iowa because of their stupid tests. I wonder if they even exist any more. I'm not going to research the topic as it would just get my blood boiling. Standardized testing makes my blood boil. Not that I did poorly, I just didn't like the principle of telling people they were *bad* at something. If they were bad, they just needed someone to explain it differently. And I am sorry if I have offended people who love standardized testing. I'm sure they have their fan club.

Thank you, Kristin. I will be sending a snail mail thank you - hopefully pretty soon.


  1. I found an old Iowa map while cleaning, and making the envelope helped me procrastinate the cleaning process. :-) Turning junk mail + a map into a thank-you note made my day!

    By the way, the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills are still being used. Students all across the state (& beyond) are sharpening their #2's and filling in those little ovals. And, it still takes about a decade to get the results back- one would think that they could expedite the process now that we are in the computer age.

    1. thanks for the update on the ITBS. and i am very happy to have provided you with an opportunity to avoid chores. if i were to rename the blog it would be *chore avoidance 2.0* or maybe #choreavoidance. seems like hashtags are the new buzz*word* for everything. i don't even know what they mean. i thought they meant *number*