Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Nov-Dec Exchange Sign-up

Cool, eh? It's from Troy for the September exchange.

Today is the day to sign up for the end of year exchange. As previously announced, I am combining Nov and Dec. You may sign up for 5 envelopes or 10 envelopes. Deadline to send the envelopes is Dec 31st. Deadline to sign up for the exchange is Nov 13.

If I do not have even numbers of people signing up for 5 or 10 envelopes, I might have to juggle the numbers to make things come out even.
So, don't hold me to exactly 5 or 10. It might be some number - close, but not exact.

If you forget to indicate 5 or 10, I will put you down for 5(ish)
Lists will be sent by the 15th.

Please send info in these 6 lines:
address - (if you have a two line address, then use an additional line)
city, state, zip
 your email
5 or 10 envelope

Details about how the exchanges work may be found by clicking the tab at the top:
envelope EXCHANGE *rules*
No theme, any medium, digital designs are fine, enclosures are optional.
Just decorate the envelope.
Put your return address on the back and indicate *empty* if there is no enclosure or *open* if there is an enclosure.

Any questions, email me:
jmwilson411 [at] yahoo [dot] com

and that is the email address where you may send your info

There is a regularly scheduled post for today, right below.

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  1. Great envelope - I am impressed that Troy found an envelope to match the green of the stamp so well.