Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Nancy's Snowflake & Pink Banners

Parts of this one make me very happy. Other parts are cringe-worthy. But, as a whole, I'm OK with it. The main thing it did was get me to pull out all the extra snowflakes and some of the ideas that followed this one - as I did the September exchange envelope aren't too bad.


So, it is November 1st. Normally, I would start the sign up for the November exchange today. But, I am out of town and the next two months are full of more travel as well as visitors. So, the November and December exchange lists are going to be combined.

Sign up will start Nov 9th and you have the option to sign up for either 5 or 10 envelopes.
Deadline will be Dec 31st. By the time I get the lists sent out, it will be mid-November. Don't sign up today. Please wait. I will post the details on the 9th.


  1. I like all the action that's going on in the Y. Very cool...

  2. I was the lucky recipient of this envelope. Like Kate, I liked the action. It moved me. 😊