Sunday, November 1, 2015

sept exchange from finn+kathie

finn and kathie sent envelopes made out of calendars. finn (top) referenced a photo i posted a while back that we are not going to revisit...but, yes, finn, i knew why you sent it before i opened it and read the note LOL.

kathie's note says she has been doing postcards for a couple years and this is her first venture into envelopes. it's always fun to lure those postcard people into the more *need-an-adjective* world of envelopes.

any ideas on what makes envelopes more *what?* than postcards. and, no, i do not want any of you to point out that i'm pretty lax about putting anything in the envelopes.....they might as well be postcards. i've tried postcards, but they just don't feel right. i need those folds along the edges. what's with that? anyone care to analyze this particular quirk?


  1. 3D; the geometry of how a flat piece of paper changes when it's folded.

  2. The more enveloping world of envelopes! :)

    I did postcards last month as thank you's for my exchange envelopes and I know exactly what Jean means....they were so lacking in...enveloping my idea! Hehe

    I also tried some hand lettering....eeeegads, what a flop! I remembered precisely why I went into digital design! I know practice, practice, practice...but, I've no time for that!

  3. The fact that the stamp is on the same side as, and therefore part of, the art!
    Also the fact that you can put something inside if you want too!

  4. thank you for the great feedback. it is comforting to know that there are others who have trouble with the flatness of the postcard. rahj: i have not forgotten about the whole stamp-love topic. i will be getting to it. as for the hand lettering, you are not the only one who does not like to hand letter, so don't worry about it. digital is fine. nobody should feel like a failure at *art.* you need to embrace the medium that makes you feel good about the results. your blue-water-reflection last names were a very good example of puttering about until you found something that was exactly what you were hoping to find.

    i can think of some postcards that jackie and i exchanged that were actually very fun. but they were preprinted postcards that i added to. not sure i have ever made one from scratch that i like.

  5. I think the envelope also holds the prospect of something private - a note of letter inside just for the recipient (regardless of the outside).

    Cards can be read by anyone coming into contact with them.

    The pro side of cards in the US, at least, is the significantly cheaper domestic postcard rate of 35c compared to 49c for a standard letter.