Monday, November 2, 2015

sept exchange from lilli + eric

lilli from canada and eric from france were both in an autumn mood for the sept exchange. both envelopes are hand made. lilli did hand lettering on the orange leave, added some gold gel pen and adhered the leaf to the envelope.

i'm not sure how many different elements eric used to come up with his composition. i can't even tell if the lettering is his or a font... i also like the wavy lines on the postmark. they are dotted lines, and very graceful curves.

canada's postal system get's a nod for the nice stamps.

thanks penpals for participating in the exchange.

i'm so excited for the nov exchange to start...i'm going to toss out an option to do a theme - "what are you thankful for?" can anyone guess what i am thankful for? i'll be announcing the next exchange in a few days....


  1. I really like both these envelopes! I love fall colors.

    I like the idea of themes; however, I try to think quite a bit ahead for my designs....heck, at this point, I even have hubby giving me suggestions for future exchanges (January's to be exact)! He gets the mail every day and is really enjoying handing me the new 'envelope gifts' as they arrive and then we visit with them over dinner, talking about the design and the process - it's fabulous!

    1. i'm so happy to hear that the exchanges are providing pleasant dinner conversation. all you hear at my house is, "did you check the expiration date on this?" theme suggestions don't have to be in the month i mention them. you could be thankful for something any time :-)