Wednesday, November 11, 2015

ray + pablo

the top one looks like a letter, but the address is at the bottom. it is ray johnson - the father of modern mailart.
the lettering is wonderful and the layout is intriguing.

no stamp, but it could be turned into an envelope. not sure if it was by ray or to ray from someone else.

below is an envelope from picasso to gertrude stein.

i love surfing and finding things like this.

they are on this Pinterest board

it is a motherlode of envelope art as well as illustrated letters. it would be interesting to see how many hours i would need to explore all the ones that caught my eye. i saw 3 of my own - as well as chuck's snowman, susan's owl in a tree and alyce's dangles - 3 of the most pinned envelopes that first appeared on my blog.

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  1. nobody has left a i just had to say that i think these are the coolest envelopes ever