Monday, November 23, 2015

OK october - 3

limner's september exchange envelope had an illustration that wrapped around the envelop onto the flap. i assumed she wanted me to steal her idea. so here is what i did.

i hope you can see that the fold is right below the hemline of the skirt which makes her legs and broom into a really tall N.

and debra's is some more of that font that i posted a couple days ago.

i'm sorry i can't get the seasonal stuff to show up until the season has changed. my only alternative would be to post all the incoming of one year to show up the following year. it's an interesting, i might do that...i'll have to ponder a bit.

and thank you to the people who enclose really nice notes. i appreciate hearing from you -but- most (all) of the time, when i am making and sending envelopes, my note-writing-braincells are sleeping.

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