Sunday, November 15, 2015

new penpals via smash

these arrived in my mailbox a couple days ago and i wanted to share them promptly. they are from new penpals who are taking a class with Susan Mashman, aka smash-girl. it is always a treat to meet a new penpal. i tucked Vanessa's (top one) under Liz's because Vanessa wrote her return address on the bottom edge of the envelope which i have never seen before. IMHO that is a very risky place to put a return address. we've had quite a bit of discussion on the blog about how confused the postal *readers* can be. happily, it made it to me along with all the others.

thanks so much ladies.

there will be a third one from Jamie showing up next sunday. i have prescheduled all my sundays for the next few months. they are all things i find while surfing. since i don't get many reader comments on my surfing finds, i will use sundays for posting current mail that i do not want to put into the lineup that is now well into february.

there will be a big celebration when i get all my blog posts scheduled through march. blogs: easy to plan ahead.....everything else, not so much

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  1. I generally only comment when I am on my computer-not my tiny phone-I need a "like" button for that! Lucky calligraphy students! Wish I was in that class and also wish I had paid better attention years ago when I joined a couple of girlfriends in a calligraphy class and I didn't really care which class we took-just the social aspect. Live and learn I guess!