Saturday, November 14, 2015

oct exchange hot mess - to cindy and florence

we are back to my october envelope debacle. i'm just fine with the ideas but sometimes the names don't work well with the idea. by the time i was on the stamp portion of the nightmare, i was thinking that i would not sign up for exchanges any more and only send mail to people who have names that are conducive to decorative lettering. but that would be really mean and i'm only a little mean. (my teenagers nick named me MeanJean and yes, i will welcome MeanJean themed mail.)

the smith is too similar to the cathy.
probably should have colored in the pumpkin.

adding more candy corn to florence did not fix anything - made it worse.

learn from my mistakes, grasshoppers.

in case you missed it, i added a step-by-step diagram to the flourish i posted yesterday.


  1. I like both of these. I'm viewing on my phone and due to the small size of everything I almost missed the Cindy teeth. My suggestion would be to not color the pumpkin, but to color the teeth, maybe the same color as her last name, I think the color would have drawn my eye there so as to notice it right away. The teeth name was a fabulous idea! Stealworthy as you put it, and easily done digitally! :)

    I like the candy corn idea too! I don't think it is too much. Looks perfect to me. And I think both stamps worked well too.

    Thanks for the heads up on the step by step!

    1. On second thought, maybe you're right, color the pumpkin, with the teeth left white that would have drawn my eye there as well.