Monday, November 16, 2015

batty fur shur - my oct exchanges

tried a few bats. probably won't be doing any more unless they are in arrangements with other spooky stuff.

so....big news on the Pinterest front. i made an appointment with my minister of technicalities and *we* tried to insert the red Pinteret button into the images on my blog to make it easier for people to pin their favorites.

it was exactly like brain surgery without the blood and we got into the deep inner sanctum of the blog and after following directions explicitly, we had an in-you-face comment pop up telling us that blah-blah-blah. so i made the executive decision to just leave the little row of buttons by the comment option and forget about putting Pinterest buttons on each image.

then, the next day, i opened the blog to make sure it was in order and -voila- the Pinterest button is on each image. so, that will make it way easier for pinners to pin. those of you who do not pin, think twice about joining. it is a super-slippery slope.


  1. I appreciate having the "Pin it" button on the envelopes.
    I agree with you ~ be forewarned before you enter the land of Pinterest. I really like it. But I can end up spending large amounts of time on it. I have over 50 boards on my account and over 4,000 pins.

  2. A very useful slippery slope!

  3. PS Thanks for undertaking the "surgery"!

  4. Love the bats Jean!
    Thanks for the Pinterest link. I spend far too much time in Pinterland but it's a great source of inspiration. @lillim