Friday, November 13, 2015

holiday idea to elizabeth

this flourish was in my stack of things to finish. then there is the stack of orphan stamps to use up. and these two seemed to go together. if you have leftover tomatoes you could probably pass them off as a holiday stamp...a bit out of the box, but i like it.

that row of flourishing is something i toss out as a way to practice your flourishing. you can do just a band, or you can do a border.

 rehj keft a comment that she wanted to try flourishing, so here are the 4 steps. feel free to experiment with color. dots and curvy dashes.

on this one you can leave the page in one orientation. after you get some of the motions down, you can turn the page and add layers in different directions for different effects.

looking forward to seeing what you do.

oops, i see that i forgot one of the *leaves.* there is one more leaf that shoots out of the spot where the s-curves meet in step one. to do those leaves, i would turn the paper a quarter turn, counter clock wise. it is the same motion as step 2, but done in a different direction.


  1. Thank you for this flourish! I will use it to practice, it looks complicated, but I think it's made up of simple strokes. I'm going to try my hand at some more 'hand-done' designs. No promises though!

  2. Thanks for the step by step. I like it when you post instructions and the "entire alphabet" ~ after sitting here for 5 minutes trying to find the word that I want for that in my brain. So frustrating when things get lost in there.

  3. 8 hours later ~ the word I was looking for was "exemplar".

  4. Thanks, I'm going to try this!