Tuesday, November 3, 2015

sept exchange from bridget + molly

i thought these two looked nice together.

bridget does all her envelope decorating first and then uses labels. molly uses the name as her decorative element.

two entirely different approaches. obviously, i only do the second one, but i'm thinking i should try the decorated envelope first - with something super simple for the name and address. i know i'll need to find some super inspirational stamps...
i just turned my nose up at the charlie brown stamps. maybe i need to reconsider them....stay tuned....sometimes my least favorite stamps end up solving problems.


  1. OMG my handwriting looks terrible and cringe worthy, I think i will post all my envelopes without writing next time hahahahaha. I cannot compete with Molly. I love her envelope , off to hide in the corner

  2. there is nothing wrong with your handwriting. it's not cringe worthy and i will post one simple tip that will show you how to make it just-perfect-every-time.