Thursday, November 5, 2015

november exchange sign up

the image is one of those items on pinterest that won't let you trace back to the origin. but it is a very fun idea.

if you want to sign up for the november exchange
send your name, address and email to
janhardt [at] mchsi [dot] com

ask for 5 or 10 names
lists are randomized
you do not always receive from the same peope you send to

all the details about exchanges are listed on a page you may access by clicking on the tab near the top of the blog [ to the right of the Home tab] called:
[envelope EXCHANGE *rules*]

sign up by the 11th, lists will be sent on the 12th
envelopes are to be mailed by the 30th of november

themes are optional, but i am going to do an envelope based on what i am thankful for.

today's regular post is right below

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