Sunday, November 29, 2015

bonus post - envelope ideas for the non-letterers

this is a link to the website - Oh So Beautiful Paper. it has several ideas for envelopes. i hope it convinces any of you who have no interest in honing your calligraphic skills that the most untrained lettering can still look fun on an envelope. the secret is to pack things in tight.
write tall and skinny, unless the words are very short, then they can be boxy. add some lines and dots and voila- fun envelopes.

at the end of this blurb, you click on the link to her eBay guides. there is no additional info on these envelopes. she gets into brush lettering and lining envelopes and what not. i didn't look at it very closely. i guess she is selling something....but, i am not doing promotion for whatever it might be.

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