Tuesday, November 24, 2015

from scarlet blue

 a while back, scarlet made a comment on The Flourish Forum that she did not like uncial, so i did a couple examples of pastel+doodads and sent them to her. i am happy to report she responded favorably. plus she sent me this nice envelope and the note enclosed has some of her own unique penmanship. i love-love-love the way she makes her d's and r's. it's too late for me to re-learn my personal penmanship, but this is going in my file of cooler-than-heck penmanship samples.

on the back of the note was the quote you see below. superb *real* calligraphy done with a scroll nib and filled in with something pretty and sparkly.

so pretty.

thanks, scarlet.

(bah to the UK p.o. with that yucky *Stroke* on the postmark. it really detracts, but i suppose it is better than a nasty grease pencil scrawl)

shout out to carol, who did a *Mean Jean* envelope.
my husband brought in the mail and said, "Oooh. I think your penpals are getting carried away." i had to explain that it wasn't serious. i am all the way into March with my posts, so all y'all will have to wait until march 10th to see it....it's uber-cute.


  1. Oh yah I could not resist a Mean Jean theme, & started thinking of rhymes or mashups for my name, I'm on the "non-conducive list for that! But at least a cc is easy to carve in a stamp I guess!

    1. good news, i figured out a way to like your name. it will be in your mailbox shortly and on the blog, jan 16th.

  2. I totally forget about our British post marks when I address my envelopes, I shall try to remember them in future!
    Oh, my handwriting is a scrawl! But thank you for liking it!
    Happy Thanksgiving, Jean!