Wednesday, November 4, 2015

block lettering 911 - bonus post

bridget left a comment on her own envelope that she thought her handwriting was cringe worthy. there was nothing wrong with her handwriting, it was the where the writing was placed.

i hardly ever write without somekind of guidelines. and when i do, i often times regret it. i use the jean-o-matic quite a bit. but i also use lines.
they can be:
made with a ruler
made freehand (wavy)
then the writing can be:
all caps
caps and lower case
all lower case
variable width
tall enough to touch the lines
slightly within the lines
tiny, within the lines

so there are 17 different things to try.
leave your lines in
erase if you wish

you can also make lines with a stylus (or bone folder) that are embossed into the paper which is pretty easy

i hope that helps, bridget.
i thought your lettering was just fine.
if you'd like, i can dig out some examples of how to make your block lettering a little more stylized.
when i look at the envelope, the A in wilma (also Ave) is just fine. the A in IOWA and USA has a down stroke at the beginning. you might want to lose that extra stroke - or if you like it keep it, but you might want to be consistent with which one you use. or not. sometimes it is fun to have variations of letters. there really aren't any hard and fast rules
placement will be a pretty important part of the overall look.

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  1. Thanks for your generous tips :)

  2. Yes please I would love some help, I am lacking in consistency, that is my problem. I cant seem to keep them all the same. They go off on their own holidays sometimes HELP!!!