Wednesday, November 18, 2015

uber spider

due to the full day of errands, i get to plead temporary insanity. by the time i got home, all i could think of was making an envelope for elizabeth with a lot of spiders. there are at least 3 elizabeths who participate in exchanges and leave comments, so i am not outing a specific elizabeth. but, i just couldn't resist. if you-know-who-you-are wants this, let me know and i will mail it. otherwise it stays in the stack of ideas that i like.

i took a screen shot of the page of images that popped up when i googled *cute spider.* before i substituted the airplane for the spider, i was trying to find a friendly spider. none of these went with that envelope. it should have been a ladybug.

it is always fun to do searches for images on google. and this would be a fun way to do an envelope with other images. finding one that went with a stamp would be fun. there is a great spider stamp, but it is not a forever.

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