Monday, November 30, 2015

red snowflake for smash

the only new thing about this one is that i had to really dig to find a burgundy colored pen/marker. so it has a bit of shading which the earlier *lessmore* envelopes did not.
the burbundy marker is a - stabilo point 88 - and it is in a really old set - so i don't know if they make them anymore. the only good thing about having too many markers is that sometimes you find one you need. otherwise, they are just a gateway drug.

NOV EXCHANGE reminder.
you should have your envelopes in the mail today. i have a stack that are going in the mail on the last day.

note to Maite in Spain: i sent yours a couple weeks ago and it came back - so yours will be pretty late.
if anyone is missing envelopes - wait a week or so and then let Jan know. she'll contact senders to make sure they were sent.


  1. The first time I looked at this envelope I couldn't read it. Too early. When I went back it was so clear. Love it and glad you found the burgundy marker. Where will the address go?

  2. i'm thinking the address will be very tiny and somewhere inside the M in the lower left corner. this time of year, the PO has a lot of mail, so i should make addresses clear. but, the placement of the stamp may be a problem. i might just use this as the insert in another envelope, something i have enjoyed doing lately. when my envelopes become collectors items, i'd like the never cancelled ones to be the most sought after... they will be worth a whopping 50-cents compared to the regular ones that are only worth a nickel.