Saturday, October 31, 2015

oct exchange - to rehj and smash

i've been sitting here bumping the regularly scheduled posts to put in my halloween stuff, but, it is taking too long, so you will just have to put up with halloween envelope in november and december.

these were done by googleing *halloween cards* and then doing my own interpretation of little drawings, doodads and rubber stamps.

once again, i'll mention that i had problems finding stamps - so these might seem like odd choices, but, it is helpful to just use up all the tail ends of sheets of stamps and move on.


  1. I received mine yesterday, many thanks! It makes it more special knowing you were visiting grand-babies while working on these...

  2. These are fun letters ~ I especially like the cats ~ thanks for the envelope!

  3. I got mine a couple of days ago and was thrilled with it! Quite the idea of my name going up in smoke! :) I was so taken with the simplicity and minimalist feel of the design, yet it made such a huge impact on me.

    I'm especially taken aback that all your envelopes are different! In that a digital design usually takes me some time to complete, I couldn't ever pull that off - therefore, I do so envy you "hand-lettering pro's" out there!

    1. yes - i do like the speediness of doing things by hand. maybe someday you'll have a power outage and you'll have nothing to do, so you'll pull out a pencil....and the rest will be history :-)