Saturday, October 3, 2015

tv show about postal inspectors?

i just saw this notice----and it is a surprising topic. not sure if i will remember to look for it. if i do, i'll report back

“The Inspectors,” a new CBS dramatic series about the Postal Inspection Service’s efforts to fight crime and protect the mail, will debut Saturday, Oct. 3. Most stations will air it at 10:30 a.m., although times may vary.
The half-hour show aims to educate viewers on how to guard themselves from identity theft, email scams and other mail crimes.
The series stars Jessica Lundy and Terry Serpico as Inspectors Amanda Wainwright and Mitch Ohlmeyer. Other characters include Amanda’s teenage son Preston (Bret Green), an intern in the crime lab, and Georgia Darby (Charmin Lee), a forensics expert.
Each episode will conclude with a crime-prevention message from Chief Postal Inspector Guy Cottrell, similar to the messages Efrem Zimbalist Jr. delivered on the 1960s series “The F.B.I.”

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  1. it wasn't on my CBS. but i found this promo on YouTube