Saturday, October 24, 2015

jeri likes orange

i was trying to find my stack of orange envelopes and only found the orange ZIG cocoiro marker - honestly, those things are addictive.

i added some gold dots and then looked harder for some good orange stamps. not enough to mail this one. maybe i will put it inside another envelope.

my new thing is just mailing envelopes with another envelope inside -instead of a note. i'm not good at writing notes.


  1. I really like all the Chinese New Year stamps and I'm really liking this look. If I understood you right, you did the name prior to finding the stamp?!?! Wow! I would have never been that lucky to find a stamp that so perfectly matched!

    How do you organize your stamps? I went on a buying spree on eBay and now have a stack of stamps that I 'sort of' know what's in it.

    My great-grandfather collected stamps, then he gave the collection to my dad. When my son was born, my dad gave the collection to me to give to my son and my husband started trying to keep the collection alive. When my son moved out I sent the collection with him as it had grown to a large box by this point. The other day he gave it back to me! He said he had priced it and it wasn't worth much as a collection but knew I was using old stamps and told me to "Have Fun"! I'm so excited to dive in to the box and see all the goodies!

  2. good question about organizing stamps. i will take photos of how i store them
    and devote a post to stamp organization.

  3. The collection of old stamps sounds like the best resource for envelope development. I try to design with the stamp in mind going in the other direction is tricky for me because my box is not that lush and some I can't part with

  4. same with me - very hard to part with some of the stamps. i just had major fits trying to find stamps after i did all the exchange envelopes. i'm pretty sure i am going to try to use up all my random stamps and just work with forevers from now on

  5. I'm excited for your stamp organization post, Jean! However, I'm curious over this - 'stamp love' - can't part with idea of certain stamps. I don't know this emotion...yet! LOL I mean, so far I've found I can replace most of the ones I like, so I've no qualms about using them up. I actually bought more of the ones I used on my last exchange, but I'm fine to use them again in the right instance.

    I might be sorry to hear there is such a thing as "stamp love", as I'm more likely to catch the disease just knowing it's out there! LOL

  6. Oh, I love orange too, nice envelope! And stamps, miniature works of art!