Monday, October 5, 2015

rehj - exchange envelope

rehj does digital designs. i've seen the font in the address and have it in my stack of inspiration-fonts. i can't tell if the name is a font or if she constructed it. either way, i'll be doing a variation of it.

i like the pale shade in the background. that's something that the computer can do -easily-
but it would be much harder to do by hand, unless you had an air-brush and a whole lot of patience. or i suppose you could smudge chalk or pastels...but then you'd have to clean up.  computers are so tidy.

thanks rehj


  1. Such a thrill to see my work on the blog today! Thanks for sharing it, Jean.

    Yes, it's a font. Manipulated quite a bit on certain letters to make them contour into the previous or following letter. I'm lazy, so I take the easy way out, and just manipulate fonts to suit my needs, rather than re-creating the wheel so to speak.

    Sometimes there might be as many as 4 layers of each letter laying on top of each other to create the coloring and shading.

    I so enjoyed doing these, it was a welcome challenge after my near disaster the month before with the Ramirez cutout!

    After looking at this scan, I rather think I should have placed the address in the lower left hand corner to offset the postage in the right hand corner and maybe spaced the name differently. Ahhhh, hindsight can be such a killer! :)

  2. i'm glad this one did not cause any problems. thanks for participating in the exchanges.

  3. Love how the font is manipulated. The background could be created easily with dauber (sponge) and inkpads. I do that with my card making. You start slowly with the light colours and use a swirling motion to add colour and add more as you want

  4. Thanks Bridget - I will have to say, your way of daubing the background would probably work better than graphically creating it, and it wouldn't be so uniform in color giving it more texture and interest.

    Graphic design is my passion, but I do so envy the pen, paper, and paint artists!

    1. I started my craft digitally then wanted 3D and yes you are right doing stuff hands on does give it a unique organic look which I love and I get to be messy and inky LOL