Thursday, October 1, 2015

more about return addresses + exchange envelopes in the mail

jan told me what her experience has been with mail being returned to her and now i forgot what she said. it had to do with the difference between a handwritten address and one that was typed or printed on a label. she thought one or the other caught the attention of the scanner.

and marti sent me an email saying she's had quite a few envelopes returned to her due to confused scanning.

i don't know that there is any super-sure way to make the scanner read the address (and not the return address) but, i'm going to continue the suggestion to use a vertical edge on the back.

i bet an embossed return wouldn't get scanned...

this lovely envelope was found on pinterest.
which linked to this site:

exchange reminder:
today was the day to get your envelopes in the mail. one of our exchangers let jan know that there will be a delay due unexpected circumstances. if anyone else is going to be delayed more than a few days, please let us know. i'll post the next exchange on the 6th. thanks again to everyone who is participating. scans will be popping up in late october.

once in a while exchangers enclose a note that says they hope their envelope is *up to snuff*
trust me....there is no critiquing. it's not the content, it's the process. beginners are welcome.

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  1. I have had mail returned also. I took my last one to the PO to ask why. I was told it was because I had put my return address label on the back and the scanner read that and the envelope came back to me