Wednesday, October 28, 2015

bonus post - bridget's oct exchange

the bottom one was the first try, but i spelled her name wrong and those two fonts did not go together. i liked the second one better, but the G is weak. the weird assortment of stamps is 66% OK. that car doesn't really go very well.

the bottom one would be better if the letters were colored in. i need to find someone to color in for me. adult coloring is all the rage....why can't someone just come over and color in some real art.

this is a bonus post in case the post below is a repeat.


  1. A friend and I were just ta talking about the adult coloring craze. I say people are just discovering what I've known for years. I really enjoy coloring, mostly with my Copic markers. I can go somewhere else in my mind and leave life's problems behind while I'm coloring. If we lived closer together, I'd be happy to do some coloring for you. 8-)

  2. maybe i will do my valentines and send them to you to color in and then you can drop them in the mail in february...

  3. You know my address. I'd be happy to do that for you.

  4. I love both, the top one has character and the bottom one has mischief. I dont worry about my name being misspelt anymore, I just love the penmanship and enjoy it and wouldn't change a thing. thank you