Wednesday, October 21, 2015

nancy's phlox

the concept of these letters is easier than actually doing them because it is hard to get the spacing right. the red brush strokes need to be done very quickly to look lively, but then it's hard to get them in the right place. it's probably one of those ideas that just needs time - as opposed to those other ideas that are instant. i put colored pencil over the red tombo to try to pull it together with the stamp. not very successful. note to self: pick the stamp first.
the letters just look like drippy blood to me. i need some of those dracula stamps. the curls don't even work to lighten things up.
the whole alphabet if anyone is interested


  1. Always appreciate the exemplar. I will play with this and see what happens.

  2. Love the look of "nancy"! The red swooshes look fast and free and your more controlled curls pull the swooshes together in just the right way to keep me from grimacing to myself....kern! kern! kern! White space is pleasing. I will try this.....when time allows!