Thursday, October 8, 2015

from elizabeth w and finn

these two came at about the same time. top one from elizabeth w, bottom one from finnbadger. i live in the middle of sweet corn territory. love the stamps. have not purchased any yet. still focused on clearing off the desk and getting everything organized and up to date. i know, broken record....but i seriously think i have made some progress.

elizabeth enclosed a note that this was not her best effort. she used a stencil and prismacolor pencils over a printed page - uncoated paper. i think it would have been just fine if the address line had been a finer tip sharpie. the way the white pencil looks over the picture is very cool in person. so, thank you for sending something that might not have been a favorite. the technique is a really good one and we thank you for sharing.

finn-hopper, have you invested in some artist quality colored pencils yet? i suspect you will have a lot of success layering them on your uncoated printed papers.

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