Sunday, October 25, 2015

exchange progress

i decided to take my envelopes and 3 black markers on my october babysitting/visiting trip. i was happy with all the fun halloween things i did - until i got home and tried to finish them. yikes. what a nightmare. worst part was that i had no stamp plan. but, i just bit the bullet and finished them.

please don't stress over your exchange envelopes. spend a reasonable amount of time trying to figure out what you want to do and if you are not all that thrilled with the results, don't worry. it's not the content, it's the process. it is better to just get them off your desk and gear up for the november exchange. i don't have time to tabulate how much i love or don't love my output, but i suspect i only love about half of what i do. maybe less. i'm not sure it is realistic to love everything. and because this is our putter-time --- we need to just putter.


  1. When I stopped fretting because my envelopes are radically different from everyone else's, I got on with it, and now they are done. Yes, it was fun. Much fun. Thank you.

  2. Sometimes my ideas don't always translate well when applied to the envelope but good or bad I enjoy the process and look forward to the next exchange.