Saturday, October 17, 2015

holiday mail kick-off

the end of the calendar year is a traditional time to send mailing. i usually get some great jobs to help out others and then my own mailings are late. a few of my 2014 mailings are still not done, so i am going to do my 2015 mailing extra early. to kick off the season, i am reposting this envelope from chuck m. it is one of the most pinned envelopes on Pinterest. i have mentioned the game i play - when i find a new pin board of mail art, i compulsively scan through it to see if they have anything off my blog. then i note if it is one of my envelopes or one of my penpal's. the most recent board i scanned had only one image from my blog - this one - although the person wrote a blurb under it including the name of the blog and mentioning that there were tons of ideas. i downloaded the image and blurred my house number since this was from the olden days when i had a spare house just to manage my addiction.
and why is this envelope not in the upper right corner? because blogger is messing with me today.
 this envelope first appeared on nov 29, 2011.
thanks chuck m.

p.s. my house number is 420.
in case you want to send me an end of year envelope :-) although, i must warn you, it might take me a while to send a return one. but i promise to respond before oct 2016.

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