Friday, October 16, 2015

catherine's cosmos

i did the dividing in pencil and then did the zip that is just the number, not an outline. then i did the outline of the name and did not like how the two styles of lettering looked together - so i outlined the zip. now i have to figure out how to make them go together. and i may give up. or i may show this one again, after it is resolved. sometimes it is good to have a record of the process so you can go back to the point where it had possibilities. or maybe after i put the address in, it will will be fine, because there are three styles. it all depends on if i choose the right style for the address.....


  1. I really like your bold concept, don't let this one slip thru the cracks on your desk!!
    By the way...about 4-5 yrs.ago you mentioned that all the PO really needs is a name, address, and zip code to make a city or state reqd. You really need only a first name (occupant has worked for eons). This really helps when you are pressed for space.. But the big bold name is the whole purpose of your envelope. I really love this idea. Send me one, please ( in your spare time, of course)

  2. will do. (send an envelope)
    i agree that the name is not essential
    and there are some examples in the archive that show
    420-44 50312
    is enough to get an envelope to me
    so....i need to dig and find those
    good to hear from you :-)