Friday, October 30, 2015

sept exchangers kate and carol

kate's envelope on top has the white lettering on black paper, which is then adhered to the green envelope. that's a really good idea. i like the way the bold stripes pick up the subtle stripes in the watermelon. she also took some ideas from the stamp for fitting the wilson-letters together.

carol also took shapes and colors from the stamp. the p.o. gave her a double cancel which -in this-case - is actually a fun addition to the overall design.

thanks penpals for participating.


  1. So fun to see what the post office added to the envelope! I actually walked it in, to get the red round one, she must have just thrown them in the regular mail after hand canceling it!

  2. yup. that happens a lot. i have one friend at the p.o. who will take them to the inner sanctum where they avoid the machines and second cancels, but, i don't bother with a hand cancel any more....just let them go through the machine