Wednesday, November 27, 2013 + thornton

this is from the day i was writing quotes on envelopes. this was my quick and sloppy copy of something done by peter thornton. i think it might be from his class on texture. then, i found the west va stamps (whilst cleaning off the desk) (peter is responsible for me saying whilst - he says it and for some reason, it stuck in my head along with a lot of other really valuable stuff.) anyhow, i found the stamps that cathy sent and i will be sending this along with her actual address. it is such a simple layout, but, i like it. it goes with the stamp. the soft curves in the lettering echo the hills.

the other quote from peter that i use endlessly....steal and conceal.
in this case....i just did the steal part. i'm pretty sure peter wouldn't mind.
if he happens across this and wants me to take it down, i will be happy to do that....
after i remind him about the time he looked at something i was working on and said, "oh, that's nice. i'll be stealing that later. i know a lot of beginners really can't wrap their heads around all this stealing...when is it ok and when it is plagiarizing? ... i don't know that there is any one answer... for me.... when you give the source, then it becomes an homage....and not a rip-off. plus, i am pretty sure nobody would look at my work and mistake it for peter's work. just as, i see work where i know people were trying to make it look like something i did....but, i can see the difference. sometimes it is better. that's fine, too.

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  1. When I read your recent post, Trends , I thought of this Peter Thornton quote, " If you can't flourish, don't prove it. "
    Love the texture. Lucky me!