Wednesday, November 20, 2013

cathy - yellow ribbon

this envelope was done during one of those sessions where i was tired and just sat and copied ideas off the internet. i made the yellow ribbon with the faber-castell big brush marker. then outlined with a pretty bold marker, probably a .5 zig. it sat in a stack waiting to be finished. cathy sent me some star wars stamps and i liked the way C3PO is looking to his left, so, i gave him something to look at. and i liked how the add on stamp had something to do with earlier aviation... a bit of a connection... but i think i need to put the rest of the star wars stamps on dark colored envelopes. not a winning design, but that style of ribbon is something i would do again.


  1. The address tag seems very slightly unlevel and not centered on the envelope. Centering is not always a big thing if the design justifies it. I really don't think I would have noticed if you hadn't made your comment. But... Like my young bride always tells me "Watta you know". But, I like the idea and the stamps.

  2. thanks, legend. i agree - it is unbalanced. the heavy rectangle of the stamp also contributes to too much weight on the left. i wish i would have tried over lapping the stamp onto the oval. if i had connected those two elements, it might have been a whole different outcome. too late to experiment now. thanks for taking time to comment. :-)