Sunday, November 3, 2013


 the top one is jan's award for sending tons of mail art, but never to me. i posted the robot earlier, so this is just an update.

i added one new one below. it is addressed to skip, my older son, although it has an italian stamp, so it won't go through the mail.

it is an idea i ripped off from a really darling image that i have since lost.

it reminded me that he says he remembers when he was too short to see what was happening up on the kitchen counter top and he was really looking forward to growing tall enough to see.

his quest to see what's going on at higher elevation became a life-long ambition. he lives in the mountains and spends his vacations on even higher mountains. i am convinced that dare devils knew they were dare devils at a very early age. luckily, his mom was distracted with her own obsession and he blissfully headed off on his own adventures. he does send an occasional postcard (unlike the award winner above who must have misplaced my address)

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