Sunday, November 17, 2013


it is very hard for me to share this idea. i want to steal it and pretend it is my own idea. it does remind me of the satamp with the little girl turning on the light switch stamp....reposted below. i would have put the name and address, tiny, along the baseline.

sadly, i just saved the top image from somewhere...and do not have a link. so...there is it....i usually run across things multiple times, so when i find it again, i will add the credit line.
thanks to reader, liberal sprinkles, here is where the image originated

i'll be mentioning her blog in an upcoming post


  1. from the USPS blog.
    Love your blog, thanks for all the art and inspiration!

  2. thanks!!!!
    your blog is fantastic...i'll be mentioning it soon

  3. thank you, Jean! glad you enjoyed the visit although my blogs are inactive now. did you see my postcrossing blog? you might like it, its about postcards and stamps :)