Tuesday, November 26, 2013

just move stamps

these stamps were on the wall chart of stamps that were supposed to be issued in 2013.
after printing them, they were all destroyed because someone decided that three of the activities were unsafe.  cannonball jumping into the pool. skateboarding without elbow pads. and standing on your head without a helmet.

i think all the rest of the activities are dangerous, too. and don't even get me started about paper cuts.

there are articles about these stamps if you want to google and find them. google just move u s stamps.


  1. It is a sad and litigious society we live in. I cannot understand how any of us got to be seniors! Thank you for letting me chime in.

  2. There are some entertaining parodies of these stamps floating around the web.

    A shame that they were all destroyed - I love the Saturday Night Live 'Weekend Update' item about this - "because we all know how influenced kids are by stamps".

    And, Jean, don't forget to post your tutorial on how to space letters/words across an envelope.... I still think it requires special skills which I don't possess...