Saturday, November 30, 2013

jan - thank you landscape

nothing new about this idea. i have shown it many times. i am just cleaning off my desk in anticipation of the new, improved, highly organized posting system that will begin on jan 1.

how many of you sprained wrists when you fell off your chairs laughing?

i guess the part where i insert a thank you is new. this might be a post card. i can't remember. it's not her address, so it will have to go in a bulk mailing.

i like the part where the address hits the bottom. i always advise people to leave the bottom 1/2 inch clear for the bar code.
but...i like to have the design go all the way to the edge.
and the city-state is not essential to the mail reaching its destination, so, it's fine to bury it at the bottom. maybe miss cathy, our postal-guru will weigh in.


  1. I usually hand cancel my own letters and tuck them into a tray of outgoing mail we have put the postage on. The mail in this tray then bypasses the cancellation operation (80,000 plus letters per hour) which can be a brutal ride and where the bar code is applied. I always advise brides to suck up to one of the window clerks so they can get their invitations hand canceled. If they have a ton we will set them up to the side and get them to do it themselves. Find yourself a favorite clerk and pour on the charm.
    Avoid the post office on Mondays and the day after a holiday. Thursday morning is usually the least busy time for our office.

  2. several of us have this experience at post offices in iowa.
    we ask for a hand cancel - and while they are willing to do it, they tell us that it is going to go through the machine anyway. and then the envelope does get two cancellations. not every branch is willing (or able) to create a method to bypass the machines. i have one friend at the main post office who says -if he has time- he will take the hand canceled mail downstairs, to bypass the machine...

  3. I like the fact that you included a non-US stamp for this one. I may have said this before, but I wish it was possible to use stamps from other countries sometimes.

    I recently discovered that the United Nations issues stamps. Sadly they can't be used except to mail items at the UN headquarters in New York (or Geneva, or Vienna).