Thursday, November 21, 2013

nancy - lavender cruz + appleton

a very fun envelope and doodle from nancy. this one is another example of using the minor color in the stamp for the major color on the lettering. very pretty. the kitty in the corner is covering up an error in the return address. nancy frequently puts the return address in the upper left corner... i actually like it better when i don't  have to blot out an address... i think i was sending a psychic message to her to somehow get that return address on the back.

thank you nancy :-)

 also, there is a nice hunk of hillarian lettering for us to contemplate and try to absorb some of the details. i see a nice balance of patterns between stripes and squares and circles. the red *candies* are interesting....three large and three smaller (or 4, if you count the green one).
cool touch where she pulled a flower off the stamp. lucky people who send me mail will be getting their own versions of this style. thanks for sending nancy.


  1. I love the way the cancellation on the postage and the bar line across the bottom actually work with the balance of the envelope design. thanks for posting. nh

  2. That 'doodle' looks like art from a children's book. I love that frog!

    That Hillarian lettering is very interesting. Interesting because it isn't the type of thing I'm usually attracted to, yet every time I look at this one there's some tiny detail I missed that grabs my attention. And it all works as a whole - that's pretty genius.