Sunday, November 10, 2013

monkey + oops

 i saw that quote/proverb on pinterest and thought it was charming. i lettered it with the pilot precise deluxe and had no idea it took a long time for that ink to dry. when i made the first smear, i thought *oops* and then just hoped that all the ink was equally un-dry. so i ended up liking the effect. then i didn't know who to send it to. amy came to mind because she's been dealing with *monkeys*  who have been causing her some problems. so, i thought she might get a chuckle out of the whole mess.

and on this one, i had chuch, instead of chuck. so i fixed it. i wanted to do some ed emberley drawings without actually checking out one of his books. i didn't get very far. hopefully i will have time to dig for some of his adorable, stealable images.

update: i googled his name and found an adorable santa, sleigh and reindeer image that i added, but, no rescan. today is purge-day. this puppy is going in the mail.

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