Thursday, November 28, 2013

spacing - step 1

finnbadger mentioned that he thought it would be beyond his skill level to space a name evenly across an envelope. i hope to show him that it is not that complicated.

here are 9 different names, showing how they would fit on an envelope. i couldn't think of a name with 10 letters. (finnbadger came to mind after i was done with the page)

this should show you how you can easily visualize the spacing. and divide an envelope into equal spaces.

if your envelope is 6 inches wide and you have six letters, it is a piece of cake.
if you only have 5 letters, you can just have a little longer intro and exit stroke.

you may also be wondering about wide letters like m and w
and narrow letters like i and t
yes, you sometimes need to adjust the spaces a bit.
but, if you are going for something loose and loopy, you really can just force each letter into the same amount of space.

step two will show an easy way to divide the envelope into equal spaces. dividing 6.75 by 9 would be ridiculous. i have a system that does not use a ruler. i've shown it to a lot of people and they think i am a genius. i did not invent this system. i'm sure it was invented a couple thousand years ago.

i may not get to step two today.
there are people expecting me to show up with dessert.
happy t-day


  1. Thanks for this, not sure why it wasn't obvious to me before. I was *sure* it required special skills ;) Sounds like I just need some light pencilled in lines to give me a guide after a little calculation. Looking forward to part 2.

    Definitely focus on dessert rather than part 2!

    And apologies for making you hoard magazines... I only have 2 waiting to be cut up into a new batch of envelopes.

  2. i could take my budget for therapy for hording and put it towards flat rate boxes and just mail all the magazines to you.

    yes pencil lines are a wonderful aid.
    another tip: do the name once or twice on plain notebook paper
    then fold under the edges, centering the name, or positioning it on a rectangle that is comparable to the envelope. this helps you visualize where to put the name. pencil it on the envelope. and that should be enough to make it come out very nicely. tiny bit of planning and layout = happy envelope. i rarely do an envelope without a pencil rough on notebook paper.