Tuesday, November 5, 2013

this just in

for those of you who don't check back and read all the comments that people add to the posts, finnbadger and i had a discussion about how the p.o. SHOULD issue more holiday stamps. he took candy's envelope and created suggestions for adorable stamps. aren't they fantastic?

now we have to figure out how to get finnbadger on the panel of people who choose the subjects for stamps. i am really impressed with how finnbadger's random stumble onto my blog has rekindled his interest in envelopes. i wonder if he remembers what he was looking for when he happened across my blog.

he blogs some additional envelopes that i have not posted on my blog:


i need to hire my brother to invent a timer that only allows me 30 minutes per day on pinterest and 30 minutes on other blogs.


  1. Oh, I would vote for these! Here's the board he needs to be on:

  2. I am visiting from Carol Mamacjt and like what I see. I will be back for more...

  3. 1. Glad you liked my idea for Halloween stamps.
    2. Still no idea what I was looking for originally...
    3. Thanks for the promo!