Friday, November 22, 2013

design pondering - hirshfield stamps

i ran the top envelope with an eames stamp. then, when i filled in her actual address, i liked those two stamps better and i loved the idea of the address in the ticket. i would have spent more time making the address a stronger hunk of red if i had not been in my clean off the desk campaign.  then i had the stack of envelopes with quotes. i liked the idea of a quote on an envelope. the quote and the stamp are fine with color. but they are the same size, so i have to figure out how to make the address tie the two together. i don't think i want the address to be the same size as the quote and the stamps. this was one thought, i just cut a piece of paper to visualize a huge hunk of red. i don't think it is working. if i come up with a better solution, i will post it. or if people want to make suggestions, go right ahead.

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