Tuesday, November 12, 2013

2 2day

 i love that top one, but can't remember if i already posted it...

and love love love the black one from smash-girl. i think she was spackling and had a little spackle left over on her putty knife and schmeared it off on the envelope. and then did those lovely flowers...very pretty. thank you.

i didn't open it...she usually just has blank paper inside and this was fragile paper. so...smashgirl, if you recall that there is something to read inside...lemmekno and i will open it.

thanks :-)


  1. The Victorian one is a classic, and Smash's is incredible - that is a genius used of materials and stamps.

  2. LOVE Smash's envelope!! So clever!

  3. Thank you. Yes, all are empty unless marked to open. I put a blank sheet inside because it looks better with some body. The white stuff is gesso smeared with a knife or credit card. This one can also be filed under "find the stamp"