Sunday, November 3, 2013

award envelope

 this was the envelope i used to mail the award to jan. it is not an award winning envelope. i just felt like trying some crescent shaped letters to go with that stamp. they aren't very pretty, but they were fun to make because i used the faber castell big brush markers. plus i have a lot of colors, thanks to jan. i shouldn't be so snarky about the fact that she refuses to send me any mail. at least she was generous with her markers....and without markers, i wouldn't have much fun.

i thought it looked dreadful - too much space at the bottom, so i added that notation.
i was in a hurry to get the award in the mail.

this was the first scan. i thought i could mail it this way...but i just couldn't, so i added something to fill up the space


  1. I actually like the letters - they're fun, remind me of a carnival. I wonder how they would look on a dark grey or black envelope?

  2. i will give it a try. note to readers, anyone who gives a suggestion will see the attempt in their mailbox. i have started doing some experiments that aren't on the blog....yet. maybe someday. haven't decided.