Friday, November 1, 2013

bonus + postal info

a couple days ago miss cathy, our go-to person for postal regulations explained the requirements for a standard one ounce piece of mail. she wrote about the aspect ratio. this envelope, from finnbadger, arrived yesterday and i could tell it was probably pushing the limits of rectangularity. it is not square. but if he had gone to the p.o. and if they would have placed it on their template, he would have learned that it does not have the required aspect ratio. you can see that the upper right hand corner needs to land in the gray area. so, the postal workers were polite in just sending it through without demanding the additional postage.

i'm not sure how he built those letters. i like the size of the envelope. and i'm glad the p.o. wasn't in a picky mood. it would have been sad to have them muck it up with postage due rubber stamping.

thanks :-)


  1. Love the colors with the stamp. Love the contrast of the angles of the.letters with the curves of the stamp. Lucky on the surcharge. Is there a rule about des of Des Moines always being lower case?

  2. editors and many (most) people would say that des is always supposed to be capitalized. but, i am of the opinion that many rules have outlived their usefulness. i understand how/why rules were adopted, but with the advent of technology and texting we R on the cusp of a brave new world. i'm lovin' it. whilst elderly grammarians are wringing their hands, i am celebrating. spelling was always frustrating for me cuz all the rules had exceptions. there was a serious lapse in logic, IMHO.

  3. Maybe the post office should change their template, as clearly this one made it through the machine successfully :)

    I'm more impressed that the machine read the zip code.

    I went for the lower case style for the D because I didn't feel confident making a D distinguishable from an O.

    Glad you liked it!