Saturday, November 16, 2013

finn + tony, french mail art

if you go to finnbadger's blog, you can read his story about this very cool envelope and the very cool french post office allowing  faux postage stamps to be allowed on mail going to tony.

and then click on his link to tony's blog.
i'm trying to stay focused on my mission, but, i'm pretty sure i will have to send something to tony....
thanks finnbadger.  :-)


  1. I'm tempted, but having had some recent postal foul-ups...

  2. Thanks for reblogging this, Jean. You may not believe me when I tell you that I printed the design first, and the stamp just happened to fit.

    The contest is open until Nov 21... I think Tony will accept any entries that arrived as long as they are postmarked no later than then.

    Of course 2 of my envelopes to him arrived without being cancelled... really not sure how that happens!