Wednesday, November 20, 2013


this one from miss cathy made me happy on multiple levels.
1. i like getting mail
2. i like gingerbread houses
3. i like when the holiday stamps are not red/green (not that i don't like red/green, i just appreciate the opportunity to use a variety of colors during red/green season)
4. i like those big speedball b-3 nibs
and have some, so i can start ripping off this idea promptly.

thank you sooooooo much

5. i like that i have something better to post today. i liked that ribbon idea below...but, it just didn't make me happy when i saw it on the screen this morning. design lesson for the day: sometimes it is hard to figure out what is wrong....and on that one, i am still grappling with what's wrong. i think i know. but will wait to see if anyone tells me in the comment section.

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