Friday, August 1, 2014

krafty virginia

every time i see DuBosch Jubilee Script i am tempted to pull out my parallel pen and a dozen envelopes. but, after the black ink ran out and carol assured me that it was just fine to fill the entire barrel with ink - just skip the cartridge....i have been unable to fill it. it just seems like it is going to make a mess and i dread messes so much, i am sacrificing something i LOVE...because i dread ink messes. that is just nutty. where are the people who do ink-interventions?


  1. You can buy a reservoir from Parallel Pens instead of using cartridges, that way you can use any colour you like. I've used ziller ink to great effect.

  2. oh, thank you. that is a great solution. except for the part where i spend 8 or 9 hours with the pen and don't get any chores done.... :-)